Katazome Workshop with John Marshall

A week after returning from Fiber in the Forest I took a 3-day Katazome Workshop with John Marshall at Eugene Textile Center.

I learned so much and John was a great teacher.  His sense of humor and practical approach made for a great learning experience.  He shared so much with us and brought a wealth of materials with him.

I have serious self confidence issues regarding creating “on the fly” and just about my lack of formal art or textile training.  This group of ladies provided so much inspiration and I learned much from them as well.

Below are a few pictures.  The first 4 are of my project and the last one is a class photo.  We each did the same picture and used the same pigments – it was amazing how different each one turned out.

I am inspired to add color to my projects!  More to come on my experimental soybean resist, using Johns suggestion.

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About taitaimah

I'm a retired biologist, grandmother and lover of all things Indigo. I have recently decided to focus on shibori stitch resist and exploring different ways to combine stitches.
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