Oh my its April!

So much for posting twice a month.  Life has a way of interfering with the best intentions.

Today I want to write about the three mokume pieces that I posted in the Shibori 2018 section of the blog.  I did those pieces for the workshop in Fujino Japan, last October.


We were sent a length of fabric to stitch – many did one continuous piece – but I chose to divide mine into 3rds.

I did traditional designs you often see in Chinese brush paintings: koi, cranes and swallows.  I drew out the design and then did mokume stitching across the entire piece.  You can see I was successful in varying degrees.  The swallows have no heads, my koi look more like dolphins and the cranes have messy feet.  However, I feel pretty good about how they turned out and best of all I discovered that I LOVE this type of stitch resist.  The pictures are at a gallery for framing and I plan to hang them in the front living area over my couch (behind UV glass of course).

We also did some Katano pieces, folded into accordion folds then stitched and one piece I attempted to fold and stitch – triangles.  I was not successful and very frustrated, Bryan ended up folding it for me.  Tears were shed 😦  We used these pieces in our book and box making class.  No pictures of my box – it did not turn out well, the katazome stencil I made was cut crooked and the box did not look good at all.  The book on the left I made in class and the one on the right is a photo album I made for my mother-in-laws 90th birthday.


Bryan was a great teacher and I left Japan very inspired to continuing exploring Shibori and especially mokume.  Many of those attending were also supportive and I left feeling really good about where I wanted to go creatively.  Thank you Shibori Sisters!


Here is a picture of the piece I did after returning home.  Check out my next post for the most recent projects.


About taitaimah

I'm a retired biologist, grandmother and lover of all things Indigo. I have recently decided to focus on shibori stitch resist and exploring different ways to combine stitches.
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2 Responses to Oh my its April!

  1. Barb says:

    Glenda, you have found your passion and your work is beautiful. You must be so pleased.

  2. taitaimah says:

    Thanks Barb. Im glad you like my work.

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