And now its May!

This year is just moving along – Im ready for real Spring.  We had fake Spring for a few days and it was wonderful – no rain and lots of sunshine.  Spent most of the day out on the deck stitching.  It was amazing how much I got done.

This post is about the pieces I have done since I got back from Japan. I was exploring several different ideas.  The first uses just a single shibori design called Karamatsu – Japanese Larch.  On one piece I combined it with traditional mokume stitching and changed the rows of stitching within the circle.  On the other I added some sashiko stitching.  Sashiko is a Japanese stitch technique consisting of a running stitch to make a design.  It was often used in Japanese patching or as a decoration.  I also used indigo pigment and painted some of the karamatsu in the one piece.


The piece that is circles and lines was inspired by a white on white quilted wall hanging I saw on Pinterest.  I wondered how it would translate to mokume and I liked how it turned out.  I hope you like it as well – very modern looking don’t you think?  You can also see what happens here when a thread breaks in the middle of pulling.  I lost almost one whole row of stitches.  Oh well.


This next piece was a challenge.  It was supposed to be a sort of vortex – where you got the sensation of looking through a curtain into a “black hole”.  Was not quite as successful as I hoped and I will re-visit this technique again.  I did like the pattern developed by changing the direction of the stitches.  Need to improve on my dyeing to obtain more evenness.


The last two pieces were kind of fun things to try.  I liked how my rabbit turned out.  The flowers need more work.  I have a vision of doing a field of flowers and painting them with natural dyes.  I think larger ones with less stem towards the front moving to smaller and smaller ones behind.  Perhaps this summer, I will get inspired again.

The next post will be about the Natural Dye workshop I took at Aya Studios with Catherine Ellis and perhaps my current work – I have 6 pieces stitched and ready for the dye pot. Working on one more and I want to print some of my katazome stencils. If the weather holds will dye everything before the end of the month.

rabbit in moon1karamatsu flowers.jpg

About taitaimah

I'm a retired biologist, grandmother and lover of all things Indigo. I have recently decided to focus on shibori stitch resist and exploring different ways to combine stitches.
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1 Response to And now its May!

  1. joan says:

    WOW!! Your explorations are taking off! The moon and the rabbit is cute and whimsical…I am drawn to the karamatsu with sashiko.

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