Extracting Indigo

I planted a small raised bed with japanese indigo in the Spring.  It didn’t thrive right away, partly because it was a very cool spring but mostly because I wasn’t as diligent about watering and care as I should have been.  The indigo also shared space with tomatillos and one heirloom tomatoe plant, so it was a bit crowded and competition for sunlight was tough.  Despite all of that, I was able to harvest 1 1/2 lbs of leaves in August. I thought it would be interesting and fun to see if I could extract indigo and used the directions I found on the Wild Colours webpage (http://wildcolours.co.uk/html/indigo_extract.html) as well as other sources.  I realize now that if I want to be successful, I need to use only one source instead of trying to combine methods from several,  follow the directions (something I am NOT good at, and document what I am doing better.  Here are the photos and the end product.


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