Lime Paste Resist

I promised the ladies in the Indigo Intensive Workshop that I would give them the recipe and technique for drawing designs with the lime paste resist.  So here it is – you can refine and experiment as you desire.  I have only used this with an indigo vat.

1. Mix soy flour, calcium hydroxide (pickling lime) and  then add the water to make a smooth paste.  The ratio I found in my research was 1 part soy flour, .7 part Lime and 1 part water.  I found this paste much to thick to spread on a stencil and much to thick to paint on fabric with so I messed around with various ratios and ended up with 1 part water: .5 part lime and then add enough water to make a thick pancake batter.   This is approximate – it depends on the humidity etc.  More or less water may be needed.

2. Spritz the fabric lightly with water.  Then, using the paint brush of your choice, dip into the paste and draw your design.  I found it easier to spread with a fairly thick brush, the thin ones just didn’t seem to work.  I had pretty good luck using the foam type brush as well.  It was hard for me to get fine detail, but I am not an artist.  Just have fun with it.

4. Set aside and let dry for 2-3 days, then dye as desired and dry.

5.  Use a blunt edged scraper and just scrape the dried lime paste off. Depending how thick you put it on, it might even just flake off .   Wash and your ready to use as you desire.

Here are some examples that I did for a small blanket for my granddaughters dolls. I used Kona Cotton.  I am sorry the picture quality isn’t better.



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